Bob Huck -- Filmography

Non-Fiction Television Programming:

The Reagan Presidency
Photographer, Producer, Co-Editor
This 3 hour public television series premiered internationally during 2013 and chronicles the Reagan administration and international events between 1979-1989. Iowa Public Television is the presenting station to the PBS system. American Public Television (APT) is the distributor. The series features an original music score by Peter Batchelder and narration by Lee Ernst.

Landslide -- A Portrait of President Herbert Hoover
Editor, Photographer, Associate Producer
This one-hour public television special airs nationwide in 2009. Iowa Public Television is the presenting station for national broadcast. The documentary is a co-production with Stamats Communications. Original score by David Barrett, narration by Harry Smith.

Prayer in America
Co-producer, Co-photographer, Co-editor
This two-hour public television special airs nationwide beginning in November, 2007. Iowa Public Television is the presenting station for national broadcast. The program was funded by the John Templeton Foundation. Original score by Peter Buffett. Project components include a 5-part classroom series for distribution in fall, 2008.

The Cost of Freedom -- Civil Liberties, Security and the

Co-Producer, Co-photographer, Co-editor
This one-hour television documentary investigates the USA PATRIOT ACT and looks at the history of civil liberties in America. Broadcast nationwide on public television, October, 2004. Produced in association with Iowa Public Television. Original score by Chris Spheeris and Peter Mulvey.

Beyond the Gridiron -- The Life & Times of Woody Hayes
Associate Producer, Co-photographer, Editor
This one-hour television biography chronicles the tumultuous life of famed Ohio State University college football coach Woody Hayes. Completed in Sept., 2003 and slated for nationwide broadcast on public television in 2004. Produced in association with Crouse Communications and WOSU-TV, Columbus. Original score by David Barrett. Winner of 2 EMMY awards (Best Sports Program and Best Soundtrack) Ohio region and the New York Festivals award.

In a Just World -- Contraception, Abortion & World Religion
Co-photographer, Co-editor
This one-hour program looks at the five leading world religions and how they view a woman's right to choose. Began nationwide broadcast on PBS Network in September, 2003. Produced in association with WTTW-Chicago. Original score by Chris Spheeris. Winner of 3 EMMY awards (best documentary, direction, soundtrack) Chicago/Midwest region as well as the Cine Golden Eagle, Houston and New York Festival Awards.

The Magic Never Ends -- The Life & Work of C.S. Lewis
Co-Photographer, Co-editor
This one-hour public television documentary on the acclaimed Oxford-based writer of children's literature and Christian apologetics was narrated by Sir Ben Kingsley. Nationwide broadcast on PBS began in September, 2002. Co-production with Crouse Communications (also wrote companion book). Winner of the 2003 Movieguide Faith & Values Award for Best Documentary, 2002 EMMY Award for Best Soundtrack, Chicago/Midwest region, and the 2002 Gabriel Award.

Rafting Alaska's Wildest Rivers
This one-hour public television documentary on 3 of Alaska's great wilderness systems includes extensive coverage of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. PBS Network broadcast nationwide in July, 2001. Winner of 3 EMMY Awards (program, photography, editing), Chicago Midwest Region.