Bob Huck

editor, business affairs, jack-of-all-trades
photo of Bob Huck

The term "jack-of-all-trades" barely begins to describe company Vice President Bob Huck. A 1994 graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a degree in economics, Bob began working in an administrative capacity at The Duncan Entertainment Group in 1994. Since that time, Bob has become an expert in editing, post-production, field production, business affairs and operations. An EMMY winner for his editing work on Rafting Alaska's Wildest Rivers, Bob has continued to edit and supervise post production on several long form documentaries including The Magic Never Ends, The Cost of Freedom, Beyond the Gridiron and Landslide... among others. His work has taken him to a dozen countries including recent shoots in Costa Rica and Germany as well as numerous trips to the Alaskan and Canadian wilderness. As a co-producer, Bob has made major contributions to several recent productions including The Reagan Presidency, Landslide, The History of Prayer in America and Beyond the Gridiron along with non-broadcast projects such as Conservation & Collaboration and The Life & Death of Glaciers.