Education Through Entertainment

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Our ability to educate public television viewers and children in the classroom can't be achieved without the financial contributions and public affairs commitment of foundations, individuals, and the corporate community. We're grateful for this shared commitment to independent media and educational outreach. Corporate and foundation support plays a huge role in our ability to produce our projects with objectivity and integrity.

During the past decade, our projects have repeatedly enjoyed a national audience on television and in the classroom. When the subject dictates a broader market, our films have been distributed in more than 100 countries worldwide.

In a world of increased global awareness and the international exchange of products, people, and ideologies, the role of educational and journalistic media has never been more important. Television and classroom media play a significant role in helping to educate viewers and to create a broader understanding of our differences and our similarities.

Part of our commitment lies in our long standing relationship with public television, with educational distributors, and with non-broadcast learning environments such as museums. Creating educational media for these markets is a not-for-profit endeavor. The Duncan Group frequently partners directly with PBS affiliates and not-for-profit organizations in an effort to produce broad ranging multimedia educational projects. In this environment, we rely extensively on corporate, individual and foundation support for their tax-exempt contributions.

Education Through Entertainment is not a new concept. It goes to the heart of our universal love of libraries, books, films, and museums. We love knowledge... and we love to learn in the most fun, entertaining way possible. In the 21st century, no medium has the power or the potential to entertain and to educate as television. The Duncan Group believes there's a place for entertaining, long form media that embraces the human spirit and nurtures our desire for knowledge. We urge you to be a part of that spirit.