Enough To Go Around -- Searching for Hope in Afghanistan, Pakistan & Darfur

Cover Quotes

"By telling the stories and capturing the spirit of people living through both manmade and natural disasters, Mr. Duncan does a great job of breaking down stereotypes. The people he profiles have not given up, and neither should we. Enough To Go Around challenges us to be more aware and to do more with what we have."

Mary Robinson - former president of Ireland


"Duncan opens a much needed window into the complex inner lives of aid workers and the people they assist in times of desperation, while also contextualizing the "business" of humanitarian aid with geopolitical realities."

Danny Glover - actor, producer, activist


"A magnificent book so full of life that the photographs seem to jump from the pages. The bright, beautiful lives that Duncan captures with his lens and the stories he tells with his heartfelt and elegant words are precisely what's missing in the nightly newscasts about troubled spots like Darfur, Afghanistan, and Pakistan."

Reza Aslan - Author of "No god but God: The Origins, Evolution, and Future of Islam and How to Win A Cosmic War: God, Globalization, and the End of the War on Terror".


"An inspiring and important book, and a reminder of how little separates us from the global poor as well as the power of hope."

Margee Ensign, Dean - School of International Studies - University of the Pacific


"Duncan brings personal reflection to a global statement. And through extraordinary images and soul stirring accounts, he clearly makes the case that, yes, there is enough to go around. The solutions aren't easy and the key players aren't always willing - but there is hope. You can see it in the faces of nearly everyone Duncan encounters on his journey."

Peter Buffett - musician, philanthropist


"Duncan gets into places very few Western journalists have been and creates an understanding of the history, background and people, a rare feat in an era of the 30-second soundbite.">

Salim Amin - Author of "Mo & Me", CEO of Nairobi-based A24 Media.