Patty Ostermick

researcher, associate producer
photo of Patty Ostermick

Few things distinguish the Duncan Entertainment Group documentaries more than our commitment to accuracy. At the heart of that effort is Patricia Ostermick. Ostermick has supervised research and coordinated archival acquisition and licensing efforts for nearly every production since 1995. Using the skills of a master's degree in library science from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, Ostermick excels in fact-finding, identifying key interview subjects, determining an accurate chronology of events, scouring the globe for historical motion pictures and still photos, verifying statements made in the film (ours and those of our interview subjects) and creating the bibliography used for the film.

"Patty does more than just hold us accountable," says producer Chip Duncan, "she identifies the errors in source material. On more than one occasion, Patty has found inconsistencies in the books we use for reference - dates, quotes, attributions. I'm not just grateful, I'm often amazed. Having a researcher on staff is among our greatest assets."

Most recently, Ostermick has contributed as a researcher or producer for Landslide - A Portrait of President Herbert Hoover, The Life & Death of Glaciers, A History of Prayer in America, The Cost of Freedom, Conservation & Collaboration, The Ghosts of Kabul, and the oral interview process for the Indian Controlled Schools Movement project. Ostermick also plays a valuable role in development.