photo of Vivien Williams

Vivien Williams

Vivien Williams works with The Duncan Entertainment Group in the development and production of non-fiction programming. She is an award winning news anchor, producer and reporter with expertise in health and medical programming. Williams also reports regularly for cable and network news outlets. Vivien can be reached at

photo of David Crouse

David Crouse

David Crouse is an executive producer with the Crouse Entertainment Group. Crouse and Duncan have collaborated on numerous television documentaries since 1990 including The Magic Never Ends and The Reagan Presidency. He can be reached via email at

photo of Salim Amin

Salim Amin

Salim Amin has enjoyed a distinguished career as one of Africa's leading journalists. A multiple award winner for his films and reporting, Amin is involved with Duncan on several collaborations. Amin can be reached via email at

photo of Kevin McCarey

Kevin McCarey

Kevin McCarey has worked on numerous projects in collaboration with Chip Duncan since 1986. McCarey is highly regarded as the writer/director/producer of several critically acclaimed documentaries including the Peabody and EMMY award-winning Portrait of America series for the Turner Networks. For National Geographic Specials, McCarey wrote and co-directed the EMMY-winning Sea Monsters. He also wrote the EMMY-nominated Tigers of the Snow and Dolphins: The Wild Side as well as Okavango, Storm of the Century, and Adventures in Time. McCarey also worked as Supervising Producer for National Geographic Television's Natural History Unit where he won an Emmy for Wolf Pack.

photo of Bill Youmans

Bill Youmans

Chicago-based Bill Youmans career includes producing and directing and he has a well established reputation as a director of photography. Youmans and The Duncan Entertainment Group began collaborating more than twenty years ago on a major documentary featuring India for Discovery Networks. Youmans can be reached at