Our collection includes motion and stills featuring more than forty countries including North America. For as long as video has been the technical state of the art, we’ve been recording it. That includes everything from the Danish Crown Jewels to shamanic healing at Machu Picchu... from Sufi prayer services in the Midwest to wildlife in Alaska. It’s a significant collection and our database will be searchable online within the next few months. Until then, just give us a call at *US – (414) 223-1060 and we’ll answer your questions. Most of our footage prior to 2004 is SD. Since that time, it’s almost entirely high end HD.

"As a company with a track record for producing history, culture, adventure, news and cultural affairs, we're well aware of the importance of finding quality stock and archival images," says Chip Duncan. "We've been told that we have one of the largest independent archives in the United States. While much of what we have is 'global' in scope, you might be surprised at our U.S. collection as well. It's very well catalogued, stored properly and logged to the frame. In other words, it's organized exactly as we wish other archives were."